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Tanfon solar system is favored by The Commonwealth of Dominica customers

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Project: Off-grid 5kw solar system kit
Location: The Commonwealth of Dominica


In 2017, a customer from The Commonwealth of Dominica (Mr. David) came to ask for help, saying that their country is seriously short of electricity and urgently needs electricity. We have reached a deal through good communication. The specific process can be seen here: Tanfon 10kw solar power system with batteries project.

5kw solar system kit

Now his solar system works well, and there are different visitors every day. One of them is his neighbor. His neighbors have been troubled because of the previous power outage. He really wants to solve this power situation and understand that After his solar system, he began to visit Mr. David frequently. Mr. David used his past experience to tell us about his neighbor's load situation, power usage, etc., and we also quickly provided a solution of the 5kw solar system kit. We can provide solutions in a timely manner even if there is a time difference of almost 12 hours.

5kw solar system kit

Because the neighbors know the quality through Mr. David's solar system and found that the price is matched with the quality, after a week, they paid us through the Alibaba Assurance.

Now that the 5kw solar system kit have already crossed the ocean, came to the customer's home. During the installation, we refer to the installation of Mr.David and then suggested that his neighbors install the air switch at the controller connection and indicate which is the solar panel and battery switch. When the beginning connects batteries, the air switch can be turned off solar panel switch to prevent have current circulate to batteries, causing an electric shock when the worker connects the battery.

The customer has now installed finish and the customer who is entering the testing phase is very happy and sent us pictures. Mr.David said that this is just the beginning, and more customers will be familiar with Tanfon solar in the future.

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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