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How to choose the right on grid solar power system for you

0 Foshan Tanfon 2019-09-05 14:49:13

Project: Three sets of 10KW on-grid solar system

Location: Guatemala


Last month, a Guatemala client purchased three sets of 10KW on-grid solar system from our factory.

I received an inquiry from Michael on Alibaba. He is looking for a wind power generation system.

I replied quickly, after few minutes,he gave me his Wechat, and we talked a lot on WeChat. He told me his idea, that his villa already has a on-grid solar power system, because the villa closer to the beach, he wants to take advantage of this and install a wind energy system so that at night, the solar energy system can't work. The wind energy system can still working to give electricity.

10KW on-grid solar system

The wind energy system working should mainly consider the wind speed. When people feel a lot of wind, the wind speed is not necessarily high. The starting wind speed of the wind turbine is 3m/s, but the rated power is usually 9-10m/s. Even if this wind speed cannot be reached, there must be a wind speed of more than 6m/s, otherwise the operation of the fan system is not very efficient.

After I told Michael about the data, he decided to talk to his engineers again.

The next day, he told me that they decided to adopt a solar energy system. Still using on- grid solar power system, no battery needed, but considering the large amount of electricity used by the villa, he has to purchase three sets of 10KW on-grid solar system. Guatemala's voltage is dual-voltage, and many factories in the market have no way to provide such on-grid inverter inverter, but our factory can.

10KW on-grid solar system

After receiving the goods, Michael firstly sent me a picture of the inverter and asked if this is an on-grid inverter. I said yes, he said, they look strong, very firm! After installing it, he also shared some pictures with me.

We are still in good contact at the moment.

10KW on-grid solar system

Most South American countries require dual voltage inverters, dual voltage off-grid solar system and dual voltage on-grid solar power system. Our factory can do dual voltage output inverters. Please contact us.

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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