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Uruguay customer repurchases 5 sets 10KW solar energy system

0 Foshan Tanfon 2020-05-07 17:15:37

Power: single-phase 5KW & 10KW solar system

Location: Uruguay

Uruguay customer Carlos, they came to our factory a total of 2 times, and each time they came to the factory, they placed an order for us.

The first time was in 2018 and bought five sets of 5KW solar systems.

The second time is in 2019. With the first happy cooperation, they bought ten sets of 5KW solar systems and 5 sets of 10KW solar systems.

Why Mr.Carlos Choose TANFON?

We make a 35 cm connection cable between the battery and the battery for you

1) it is convenient for you to install

2)to ensure that the installation at the wiring is tight, not easy to loose, safe to use, and more efficient

In addition, he like air switches and boxes what we prepare, which is not only neat,but also protects the safety of electricity usage.

Uruguay's cities have stable electricity, but the electricity costs are too high. According to our previous calculations, for a domestic customer, a 5KW solar system can recover the principal in about the third year, and the rest years are to use solar energy for free, to power appliances in house.

Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest motivation. We will work harder to bring our service center to Uruguay and South America to better serve local customers.

10kw solar energy

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