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120KW solar energy system supply power to precision industrial equipment

0 Foshan Tanfon 2019-11-26 16:33:30

I have 180 batteries. Can you help me monitor the data of each battery?
Of course, Yes.

This is a client from Angola. Last year, they also cooperated with us in the school's government projects. For that project details, see this link:1.5kW solar system for Angola education system
This time, they also brought a big project to let our solar battery storage system supply power to precision industrial equipment. They have tested our products, and through the cooperation of the last year, they know our products have stable power supply voltage, enough power capacity, super-strong carrying capacity.
I believe we can help them with this project. We will live up to the expectations of any customer. 

solar battery storage system
Soon, according to their equipment, we have configured a 120kw solar battery storage system.
It includes 312 380W monocrystal solar panels (the A+ mono silicon of our solar panel can generate more than 380W solar energy), 3 sets of h8t PV combiner, 3 sets of 120a controller, 1 set of 120kw IGBT inverter, 180 2v1000ah gel cells, enough solar panel supports, PV cables and battery cables, etc
In addition, customers need a solar battery storage system that can detect the battery voltage and various parameters, so that they can check the battery later. After all, there are 180 batteries. If they check one by one, it will waste time and manpower. 

solar battery storage system
So we have configured a battery self-test system, which can effectively detect the status of each battery. When a battery has problems, the system will automatically turn on the reminder function, so that you can clearly understand the battery problems, adjust or replace it in time.

The customer is very satisfied with our design. Now the goods have been loaded into the cabinet, and they will arrive at the customer's side next month.
Our Tanfon team is willing to provide you with what you want, your entrustment. Our commitment quality, and service

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