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How Tanfon solar panel efficiency ? The test will tell you the truth


The sunshine is very good today. At 2:45PM in the afternoon, the sun is shining in the sky. We use a multimeter to connect the port of the solar panel to test the current and voltage. After testing, the voltage of our Tanfon solar panel is 34.9V, the current is 14.6A, P=UI, so the power is 509W, actual power of this solar panel is 450W. This shows that when the sunlight is good, our solar panels produce more electricity than the actual power.


We used the same method to test the solar panels purchased by other suppliers locally. After testing, the voltage was 35.2v, the current was 7 A, and the power was only 246.4W. However, the power of this solar nameplate is 350W. Under good sunshine conditions, the test result is only 246W, which is lower than the marked power, more than 100 watts lower.

So you get what you pay for. Our solar panels are guaranteed to have sufficient power and high power generation efficiency for you! we use the N-type TOPCON half cell solar panel, the panel cell brand is LONGi, it is the top brand in the solar. Make sure the best quality for you ,We have professional EL testing equipment,EL testing is a very important test, which can avoid or control the occurrence of cracks in finished products. If cracks exist, the life of the battery panel will be affected;btw,we use P-type crystalline silicon wafers and N-type crystalline silicon wafers have different power generation efficiencies.Why is the power generation efficiency of N-type crystalline silicon wafers higher than that of P-type?

Because their grid lines are different
P-type crystalline silicon wafer gate lines: 9-11 gate lines
N-type crystalline silicon wafer gate lines: 16-18 gate lines

So Tanfon solar panel is the TOP solar panel !

Frequently asked questions

What happen if the solar system is not tested as a complete set running before shipment?

If the system test is not done before shipment, you may receive the system and find it incompatible running, especially for a lithium battery system, the communication connection and other problems may occur, affecting your normal use.

What is your maintenance rule?

With lifelong maintenance and Professional customized design, Tanfon's commercial and residential solar systems reduce financial expenses and energy autonomy.Buy Tanfon's solar system, and get a free smart lifelong maintenance butler APP!

what is 360° guarantee?

The installation and use of energy storage systems have great hidden dangers reason why we offer a 360° guarantee on all our products. 1) We use German 5S technology, which makes it easy to carry heavy loads for 365 days. 2) Two-way flame retardant protection technology provides 650°C high temperature protection for wires; 3) Our unique IOT App solar housekeeper helps the system get 2 times longer lifespan. Courtesy reminder: TANFON Safety solar system protects YOU and your belongings

Why can't the solar system be connected properly even though with installation instructions?

1) There are many suppliers who are just product traders. You give him money and he gives you the goods, so he is only responsible for the product, not for your use. Please identify smartly before purchasing. 2) The installation instructions are not detailed enough, and your electricians cannot understand well. 3) There are many suppliers with no English-speaking technician support, so they cannot provide you with good and prompt service in terms of installation support.

How to solve the after-sales problems?

If you don’t have a technical engineer who can speak English, you can only rely on your supplier’s salesman to help you solve the after-sales service. There will be many communication and technical difficulties in the process however. As a result, it takes a long time to solve the problem and postpone your turnkey deadline.

What is the difference between a supplier who sells products and a supplier who sells service?

The supplier who sells the product, will win your order with a low price. You pay and he ships, the cooperation will be terminated. For a supplier who sells service, sending the goods to you is just the official start of the service. And he will consider more on installation and daily use for you. Throughout the product/system design process, he will also think about the convenience of the product/system from the perspective of your use, so that you will be less troubled. To have engineers provide one-to-one technical service support, is truly taking the final responsibility for the service life of your products.

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