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Frequently asked questions

Do you have auto transfer switch between grid and solar system?

YES! At daytime solar will be charged then during outages solar system will support to, when battery not enough , will use grid or generator automatically.

What is your maintenance rule?

With lifelong maintenance and Professional customized design, Tanfon's commercial and residential solar systems reduce financial expenses and energy autonomy.Buy Tanfon's solar system, and get a free smart lifelong maintenance butler APP!

If photovoltaic is so good, why aren't all people doing it?

The fact is greater human beings are the use photo voltaic electricity now than ever before. Global industrial and industrial photovoltaic installations are developing at an annual charge of 15%. Business proprietors have realized that putting in photovoltaic is extra good value than the usage of diesel or utility power. Guided through the insurance policies of every country, greater and greater human beings pick out a variety of renewable strength sources.

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