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High Voltage Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery HVM75S100BL

High Voltage Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery HVM75S100BL

Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

BrandName: Tanfon Solar

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Certificate: TUV, ETL, ISO, CE, RoHS

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High Voltage Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery HVM75S100BL
1. HVM High Voltage Battery Characteristics:
1. Safe and reliable, perfect protection function. BMS intelligent protection; new A-grade lithium iron phosphate battery,
Excellent safety performance; metal shell, waterproof and explosion-proof.
2.Built-in fire extinguishing device, automatic processing of super early warning thermal runaway state
3.Modular stacking design, simple expansion, up to eight battery packs can be connected in series.
4.Flexible capacity options, 9.6kwh~38.4kwh are optional.
5.Compatible with various energy storage inverters in the market.
6.Support UPS function, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, full power continuous output guarantee, safe use of electricity.
7.Energy saving and environmental protection, long service life. The battery usage rate is as high as more than 95%;
deep cycle, the number of cycles is more than 6000 times.
8.Multifunctional design, with LED display, beautiful appearance, ON/OFF switch control output.
9.Bottom universal wheel design, easy to install, natural placement.
10.Flexible, Efficient, Simple



3. Specification Table
Parameters Table HVM75S100BL
Energy Capacity 100Ah
Voltage 240V
Energy 24 KWH
Standard charging current 20A
Standard discharge current 20A
Measurement(LxWxH) 570x380x1167mm
Weight 230kg


Other Parameters
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Nominal voltage 96V-384V
Operating voltage range 80-438V
IP protection IP54
Installation method natural placement
Operating temperature -10~60°C
Communication method CAN
Warranty 5 years


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