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50kw solar panel system
50kw solar panel system
50kw on grid inverter

50 kw pv solar power system complete 50kw 3phase on-grid

50 kw pv solar power system complete 50kw 3phase on-grid Solar Power System Grid-tie Complete Kit Connection Diagram  Product Description     How the on grid solar system working: The grid-c

Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China


MOQ: 1 set

Certificate: ISO, ETL, TUV, CE, RoHS

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uninterruptible power supply

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50 kw pv solar power system complete 50kw 3phase on-grid

on-grid solar system

Solar Power System Grid-tie Complete Kit Connection Diagram 

Product Description



How the on grid solar system working:
The grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation system is composed of photovoltaic grid array grid-tie inverters. Without the storage of the battery, the on grid inverter directly inputs the power into the public grid. The on grid solar power generation system saves the energy storage and release process of the battery compared with the off- grid solar photovoltaic power generation system, which reduces the energy consumption, saves space and reduces the configuration cost.

What's the difference between off grid and on grid solar power system?

Off-grid solar power system doesn't connect to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, charger controller, batteries and inverter. This system will store the solar power into the batteries, batteries energy will be converted the electricity power to supply the appliances working through the inverter.

On-grid solar power system connects to the power grid, can sell excess electricity to the public grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-tie inverter, the solar power will be converted the electricity power to appliance working directly. When the solar power is off, the power grid will replenish the electricity power to appliances working.

Product Details


TANFON On grid solar power supply system- SPB-50KW

solar panel mono 300w

Solar Panel (Quantity: 160 pieces)

FS350W mono solar panel(poly optional)

Vmp:38.39V    Voc:47.13V      Imp: 9.25A    

Size: 1956*992*40mm    25 years life time  (CE RoHS ISO)

Coated steel Glass: 3.2mm Tem pered

Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance: 25 years 80%, 20 year 85%, 10 years 90%

A Grade SUNTECH cells of high efficiency 21%

Solar Panel Rack (Quantity: 1 set)

Slope Roof or Flat roof or Ground (option)

including complete fittings

wind load: 55m/s, snow load: 1.5kn/m2

structure: Anodized Aluminum + stainless steel

solar panel mounting rack

on grid inverter 10kw

Solar Inverter (Quantity: 1 piece)

Power capacity: HBF50KW

MPPT voltage: 250V-960V     Rate voltage: 600V

Number of MPP inputs: 3      Number of DC inputs: 4/3/3

Allowed Voltage Range Of Grid: 380-415V

Communication interface: RS485 

Inverter size: 767*713*297mm

Cables (Quantity: 1 set)

6mm2 PV cable 400M

25mm2 inverter cable 100M


(6mm2 PV cable each string connect to PV combiner)

pv cables

If you want to have Solar Panel to generate energy and save cost about the electricity. If you need to have energy by solar panel system to works for house, farm, hotel, factory, hospital, office, school, airport, etc.

Please contact to us to discuss more details, we can support to you all you need with your requirement.

Solar Power System Projects


solar on grid system

1.2MW grid tie solar power system station

on grid solar power station

2MW on-grid solar power system station

2 megawatt power solar system

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solar panel grid inverter 10kw

100kw solar system packaging

Solar Products FAQ


Q: What can be included for this system from TANFON?

A:This system includes: solar panels, PV array combiner, Solar inverter, solar panel rack, cables.,etc.

Q: What is 3000w solar panel installed angle?

A: Your country latitude and longitude +10 degrees

Q: Who arranges the shipping?

A: We could help you arrange the shipment, we have good service forwarder in Guangzhou.

Q: How many days need to install 50KW solar panel system?

A: We supply install video and drawing Engineer can be on-site installation service. As our experience, 3-5 days can finihsed install.

Q: What is the lifetime of the solar power system?

A: Solar panel’s lifetime are 25 years, charger controllers 5~ 7 years, inverters 20 years, batteries 6~8 years.

Q: What can Tanfon supply?

A: Tanfon Supply: Free site survey, design, production, installation, maintenance of one- stop service.

Solar system certification



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