solar portable inverter generator
solar portable inverter generator

portable inverter generator 300W solar electric system 300 watt

portable inverter generator 300W solar electric system 300 watt     Portable inverter generator (Solar power inverter combined PV controller & battery) Solar electric system port

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portable inverter generator 300W solar electric system 300 watt


portable inverter generator


Portable inverter generator (Solar power inverter combined PV controller & battery)

portable inverter generatorportable inverter generator

Solar electric system portable inverter generator features
1. Solar power controller and inverter with AGM free maintenance battery together
2. Completely controlled by CPU.
3. Inverter use copper transformer, pure sine wave output.
4. Have 5V, 12V DC output.
5. Two LCD displays, clearly to know the status.
6. Have bypass function and AC charger (UPS function)
7. Protect against anti-charge at night, battery over charger/over discharge, output short-circuit, against overload, against over-voltage, over-current protection, etc.


DC portable solar electric system 4.5Ah to 55Ah

DC&AC solar portable inverter generator  solar electric system100w to 5000w

Inverter controller and battery all in one box max capacity can be designed 5000w.

portable inverter generator

300W solar portable inverter generator controller battery hybrid box
Model SCB300W
Rated power(W) 300W
Rated DC voltage(V) 12V
Line input Input voltage(V) 165-275V
Charge current(A) 25A
Inverter output AC Output voltage(V) 220VAC±5%
DC output voltage(V) 5V&12V
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz±1%
Wave form Pure Sine Wave, THD<4%(Full Load)
Solar input Maximum voltage(V) 21V
Rated power(Wp) 300Wp
Charge current(A) 20A
MPPT range(V) 12V-25V
Charging efficiency 90%-95%, Peak on 97%
Battery Capacity(AH) 55AH*1pc or 100AH*1pc
Over charge protective voltage(V) 14.3V
Over charge recover voltage(V) 13.7V
Over discharge alarm voltage(V) 20V
Over discharge recover voltage of battery(V) 12.5V
other Voltage drop between solar module and battery(V) ≤0.3V
Voltage drop between loads and battery(V) ≤0.15V
Start speed of cooling fan Have
Environment Humidity 0-90% Maximum,non-condensable
Protective Functions Protection against anti-charge at night;Battery over charge/over discharge protection; Joint-reversed of solar modules
Control method MPPT
Product Size :D*W*H(mm) 343*225*443mm
Package size 420*290*490mm
N.W./G.W.(kg) 25/28mm


All-in-one solar electric system portable inverter generator-ASP300w
System Basic Information

solar panel rated output power: 300W

Suitable for daily power consumption : >1.5KWH

Allowable max loads power : 300W

solar electric system

Solar Panel (Quantity: 1pc)

FS200W mono solar panel (poly optional)

Vmp: 17.2V    Voc: 21.6V      Imp: 7A   

Size: 1610*670*35mm

Glass: 3.2mm Tempered

Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance: 25 years 80%, 20 year 85%, 10 years 90%. 25 years life time  (CE TUV) 

Ship free one for service

Solar Panel Rack (Quantity: 1 set)

Slope Roof or Flat roof or Ground (option)

including complete fittings

wind load: 55m/s, snow load:1.5kn/m2

structure: Anodized Aluminum + stainless steel

portable inverter generator
portable inverter generator

Solar portable inverter generator (QTY: 1pc)

Model: SCB300W/12V

Inverter: 300W/12V(pure sine wave)

LCD display, With AC charger built in

AC Output: 110v, 220v, 230v, 240v (optional)

Output: 5V and 12V (led lights and mobile charge)

MPPT controller: 20A/12v

Over charge protective voltage: 14.3v

Constant charge voltage: 13.5v

Build-in Gel battery: 12V/55AH (1pc)

Max DC charge: 14.5v

AGM free maintenance valve control

Cables (Quantity: 1 set)

4mm2 PV cable 50M

Terminals and MC4

solar electric system pv cables


Solar electric system portable inverter generator application

Home lighting, fans working, camping lighting, outdoor party lighting, ect.

Portable solar DC power system, portable solar DC&AC power system, inverter controller and battery all in one box

portable inverter generator

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 portable inverter generator

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portable inverter generator

Solar electric system portable inverter generator Package

solar power kit

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portable inverter generator 

Solar electric system portable inverter generator Certificate

solar electric system portable inverter generator 

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Q1. Are you factory?

A1. Yes, our factory and sales department are located in Foshan and we would be pleased to welcome you in our factory at any time when you are in Foshan.

Q2. How long is solar electric system portable inverter generator products warranty?

A2.YES, All products are at least 2 years warranty. 

Q3.What is the shipping way of solar electric system portable inverter generator?

A3. Ship by sea.

Q4. What is the payment method?

A4. We normally require a T/T advance payment. 30% deposit and 70% before shipping. Western Union / MoneyGram /Alibaba can also be used.

Q5.Can we design packaing?

A5.YES.We can customer's own packing

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Q8.what is TANFON solar electric system portable inverter generator after sales service

A9.during the warranty, ship free PCB by DHL or FEDEX.

Q9.what is your trade Asusurance

A10:100% product quality protection

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        100% payment protection for your covered amount

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