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10KW 10KVA Solar Power System

Applicable: House solar, agriculture, industry, commercial solar. German 5S technology, Durable and easy to operate, 360 degree Safety technology

Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

BrandName: Tanfon Solar Manufacturer

MOQ: 1 set,Accpet OEM &ODM

Certificate: TUV, ETL, ISO, CE, RoHS

Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union

TANFON Solar Manufacturer since 2007, Professional technical team, German technical solar products, Home solar system, Industrial & Commercial Solar System, Serving 160 countries. Get Quote Now.

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industry leading technology

24 hours

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Global Certification

Each component is certified to EU, US quality standards, components work perfectly together for maximum efficiency, Before leaving the factory, our testers will conduct burn-in test, The goal is to get the product to the customer and functioning properly. Solar panel up to 25 years warranty.

Suitable For Many Modes

Off grid solar system, on grid solar system, hybrid solar system are suitable for house, commercial, industrial solar, and provide professional installation advice.

Solar System With IoT

With the powerful TANFON IoT, you can check the working status of the system on your mobile phone and computer at any time, and you can receive maintenance reminders and extend the warranty in time.


SP-10KW Daily power generation: <29KWH
Battery Bank Storage:24KWH

10KW 10000 Watts Off Grid Solar Power System With Battery

01 Solar panel
Maximum 600W solar panel optional
Shingled solar panel, USA Technology, higher efficiency, longer life
Vmp:38.39V Voc:47.13V Imp 9.25A
25 years life time (CE TUV)
Coated steel Glass:3.2mm Tem pered
Efficiency performance :25 years 80 % 20 year 85% 10 years 90%

10KW 10000 Watts Off Grid Solar Power System With Battery

02 Solar inverter
IGBT Powerful Inverter:10KW 96VDC
Single phase output: 110V/120V/220V/230V/240VAC 50/60HZ
Three phase output: 220V 380V 415V 50/60HZ
City power and generator charger build in Overload, overcharge, over-discharge protection  Fuji brand IGBT materia

10KW 10000 Watts Off Grid Solar Power System With Battery

03 Solar battery

Solar battery
The latest through-wall welding technology, more suitable for motor
Service life:6-8 years Size:522*240*219mm

04 Bracket
Slope Rooftop/ Flat rooftop/ground
wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2
structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable
(other type of rack can be customized as per client’s requirement)

10KW 10000 Watts Off Grid Solar Power System With Battery

05 Accessories
Installation Tools

Configuration is most complete on the market, which includes all necessary components. After the installation is complete, it can be directly used by household appliances.
Super load capacity, with complete short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, backfill protection, insulation resistance protect

Solar panel install space:50, Accessories installation space:5-8, (Gel battery system: Total volume:3.6CBM / weight:920KG) (LiFePO4 system: Total Volume:4.8cbm/weight:1520kg)


There are too many solar systems with different configurations in the market. Some companies design the configuration at random in order to make it good prices. Our company is based on 15 years installation and maintenance experience, in the case of protecting the solar power system life to make the configuration that meets the requirements of most customers. Contact us customize system.

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Tanfon Solar Project

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Dealer Policy

tanfon solar supports distribution business plan all over the world.



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Solar Products FAQ


Q: What can be included for this system from TANFON?

A: Complete Off Grid or On Grid system, Includes all accessories needed for installation.


Q: Is the system solution always the same? Can I customize one?

A: No. We have professional teams making solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. So the solar energy system may be with different configuration.


Q: Who arranges the shipping?

A: after our engineers have custom-made the machine appropriate for you, We will ship the goods  to the destination port by sea. We will aid in the complete process, entire the transportation and customs declaration, and have no issues about customs clearance and clean receipt of goods. EuropeAsia, Africa, furnish door-to-door carriers or nearby pickup services. Related packaging and shipping information


Q: Will it be hard to deploy?

A:  We grant experts to set up drawings and person manuals, TANFON hands-on setup technique videos, and the manufacturing unit has a very whole setup gear for on-site set up demonstrations. Any nearby electrician can without difficulty installation the TANFON device 100%.


Q: What is the lifetime of the solar power system?

A: Solar panel's lifetime are 25 years, charger controllers 5~ 7 years, inverters 5~7 years, batteries 6~8 years.


Q: What is the protection of photovoltaic strength generation, how to deal with lightning strikes, hail, leakage, and different problems?

A: First of all, Tanfon Solar DC combiner boxes, inverters, and different gear strains have overload safety functions. When atypical voltages such as lightning strikes and leakage occur, they will routinely become off and disconnected, so there is no protection problem. Secondly, the floor of photovoltaic modules is made of superb impact-resistant tempered glass, which has passed through rigorous trying out and checking out when passing the EU certification and can stand up to wind stress of 200Pa and snow stress of 7200Pa.


Q: What can Tanfon supply?

A: Tanfon Supply: Free site survey, design, production, installation, maintenance of one-stop service.



Frequently asked questions

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