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30kw solar power system
30kw solar power system
30kw inverter 1phase output
30kw solar system project in Tanzania
solar power system in Jamaica

Single phase 30kw solar system roof brackets installed with 330w mono panel

Single phase 30kw solar system roof brackets installed with 350w mono panel How do I choose a solar system that can meet my requirements? 1) Home use (5kw and 10kw)   In a family of about 3 bedrooms, more people choose 5KW and 10KW model

Place Of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China


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Single phase 30kw solar system roof brackets installed with 350w mono panel

How do I choose a solar system that can meet my requirements?

1) Home use (5kw and 10kw)  

In a family of about 3 bedrooms, more people choose 5KW and 10KW models.If you want to choose a high-quality system, we suggest to choose the IGBT high-end inverter, and use it more safely.

2) School and office (1.5kw-5kw)  Angola, Senegal, Zimbabwe installation

3) Farm use (three-phase 10KW-20KW)  Thailand and Australia installation

4) Hospital project (15kw) Somalia, Kenya installation

5) Government office building (80kw) Kenya Konza City installation

6) Factory project (100kw) Haiti installation

7) Airport project (60KW-200KW) Indonesia, Papua New Guinea installation

8) Large shopping mall (150KW) Iraq installation

9) Village power generation (300kw)  Zambia installation

If you want to know more cases, please go to Tanfon's official website or contact us. Based on 12 years of actual installation experience, we can definitely provide a solar power system that will satisfy you.

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How the off grid solar system working:
This Solar system not only have solar power system function, but also have Utility complementary function. When main power off , the solar system can switch automatically to take use off solar power from battery to run load, When solar power not enough and power off , it can switch automatically to main power and connect with grid electricity take use of main power, at the same time charging battery. This is very suit for home use.

What's the difference between off grid and on grid solar power system?

Off-grid solar power system doesn't connect to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, charger controller, batteries and inverter. This system will store the solar power into the batteries, batteries energy will be converted the electricity power to supply the appliances working through the inverter.

On-grid solar power system connects to the power grid, can sell excess electricity to the public grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-tie inverter, the solar power will be converted the electricity power to appliance working directly. When the solar power is off, the power grid will replenish the electricity power to appliances working.

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What is included in my 30kw solar power kits?

Our kits provide all the components you need from start to finish.

solar panel mono 300w

Solar Panel (Quantity: 78 pieces)

FS380W mono solar panel(poly optional)

Vmp: 38.39V       Voc: 47.13V       Imp: 9.75A    

Size: 1956*992*40mm

Coated steel Glass: 3.2mm Tempered

Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance: 25 years 80 %, 20 year 85%, 10 years 90%. 25 years life time  (CE RoHS)

PV combiner (Quantity: 1 piece)

Model: H6T-384v Multiple PV strings inputs

Simplify wiring between PV array and controller,

protections  to controller, Prevent hot spot effect

Wide range of DC input voltage

Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection

Product Size: 400*425*145mm

pv combiner

30kw solar system

Solar Controller (Quantity: 1 piece)

MPPT controller model: 360V/100A 

Charging efficiency; 90%-95%,

charging mode, intelligent control,

various protection functions

Solar Inverter (Quantity: 1 piece)

Pure sine wave inverter:

30kw(full power single phase)

DC input: 360v       AC charger 15-20A

100% Germany brand IGBT materials

Double protection, easy after sales service

O/P: 220V 380V 415V 50/60HZ

Product Size: 785*580*1197mm

30kw inverter

200Ah 12V solar battery

Solar Battery (Quantity: 60 pieces)

Capacity: 12V/200AH  

Full sealed Solar power gel battery,

Service life: 6-8 years ,

Size: 522*240*219mm  

Solar Panel Rack (Quantity: 1 set)

Slope Roof or Flat roof or Ground (option)

including complete fittings

wind load: 55m/s, snow load:1.5kn/m2

structure: Anodized Aluminum + stainless steel

solar panel mounting rack

pv cables

Cables (Quantity: 1 set)

62pcs 32mm2*35CM battery cable

4pcs 50mm2*1M battery cable

4mm2 PV cable 200M

Terminals and MC4

Is this 30kw solar system single phase output off grid?

Yes, this is 30kw biggest single phase output system, we also supply three phase 30kw system, more details please contact to us discuss.

What loads can be take by the off grid 30kw solar system?

Household appliances: Lights, fans, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, water pump, microwaves, etc.

30000W Solar System Home Appliances Load Reference
Load Name Load Rated Power QTY Total Rated Power
Lights 11W 60 660W
Fan 80W 40 3200W
Computer 150W 2 300W
Refrigerator(240L) 180W 2 360W
Printer 250W 2 500W
Fax machine 150W 1 150W
Washing machine 300W 2 600W
Electric stove 1000W 2 2000W
Microwave 1500W 2 3000W
Rice cooker 1000W 2 2000W
Electric cooker 300W 1 300W
Air conditioner(1HP) 750W 8 6000W
Air conditioner(3HP) 2250W 2 4500W
Satellite TV receiver/VCD 50W 4 200W
Color TV(32 inch) 150W 4 600W
Water Pump 200W 2 400W
Total 24470W

This example is just for reference. But your load can be less than 30kw 

Remark: Refrigerator, air conditioner & water pump is inductive load, start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power, in the process of use, turn on the inductive load first

If this 30kw solar system configuration do not suit for you house used, please send inquiry to us to discuss more, we will make the suitable design system for you

how to install 30kw solar system?

30kw solar system

Solar Power System Projects



30kw off grid solar system

check here can see more this 30kw single phase solar system case


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30 kw solar power system

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3 phase solar system

100kw solar system packaging

Solar Products FAQ


Q: What 30kw home solar system can carry?

A: TV, COOKING matchine, air conditioners, fans, computers, lights, etc.

Q: Is the system solution always the same? Can I customize one?

A: No. We have professional teams making solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. So the 12kw system may be with different configuration.

Q: Who arranges the shipping?

A: We could help you arrange the shipment, we have good service forwarder in Guangzhou.

Q: What is the lifetime of the solar power system?

A: Solar panel’s lifetime are 25 years, charger controllers 5~ 7 years, inverters 5~7 years, batteries 6~8 years.

Q: What is the package?

A: solar panel and battery pallet packing

PV combiner and hybrid inverter wooden box

Bracket and cable carton box packing

Q: What can Tanfon supply?

A: Tanfon Supply: Free site survey, design, production, installation, maintenance of one-stop service.

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solar power system


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30kw solar power system

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