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10kva lithium battery solar system in Australia

10kva solar system in Australia

Power: 10kw
Location: Australia
Use: home use
Type: Off-gridlithium batterySingle Phase


One day in 2020, we received an inquiry from an Australian customer and knew that the customer was looking for a 10kva solar system for his horse stable. then we introduced the composition of the entire system to his, as well as the power generation of the system and the power storage of the 96v 240ah lithium battery, etc.he is very satisfied with our solar power system configuration, and also understand our product warranty, shipping terms, etc.


10kva solar system in Australia


10kw solar system with lithium battery installed in Australia

But there is still a problem that the customer is more troubled and worried about:his roof does not have a very steep angle, and worried that the solar panels cannot receive sunlight he want to raise the angle slightly to make it better for the sun? Our team with 13 years of experience immediately provided a solution: to provide customer with adjustable angle brackets, this bracket has three options of 10-15 degrees, 15 degrees -30 degrees, and 30 degrees -60 degrees. it can be adjusted according to the solar irradiation of the installation location. the customer was very pleasantly surprised and determined an adjustable angle of 10-15 degrees. Afterwards, we immediately confirmed the order.


10kva solar system in Australia

adjustable angle of 10-15 degrees

10kva solar system in Australia

We are not only a manufacturer, but also a service company. After the transaction, we will send a very detailed installation manual and installation reference video to the customer.

After the customer used the 10kw off grid solar system for 2 months, we asked the customer and got a good comment : the 10kva solar system is working very well.


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