5KW Off Grid Power System Installed In Mozambique


As part of capitalizing on the long summer months in Mozambique, there are many customers who contact us for the installation of solar panels

Mozambique is a beautiful sunny country in africa with its colorful capital MAPUTO.

Mr John.contacted us to request our solar equipments for his home, after discussion with our profesional customer service he bought 5kw Economical type solar system.



Power: 5kw

Location: Mozambique

Use: home use

Type: Off-grid


Why this 5kw module called Economical type solar system?

Because it use 5kw dc48v wall mounted inverter, and use less solar panels about 3kw for daily use. For house use, people will go outside to work in daytime, so it doest need so many power in daily time use .For our design,  we use 3kw power panel in daytime to make sure solar panel power can be best enough use so not any waste.

As Our Tanfon company has more than 12years experience in solar area, so we can design best solution for our customers usage.

It was a pleasure to get his feedback that the equipments works perfectly well and he shared  installation pictures with us.

If you have any questions for solar products, just contact us Tanfon team.


5 KW Off Grid Power System Installed In Mozambique

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