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Tanfon 50kw 3 phase solar system factory use in Egypt

0 admin 2018-12-05 14:17:21

Project power: 50kw off grid 3 phase solar system

Install location: Cairo, Egypt

Installed by: local engineer team

3 phase solar system

As we all know, factory electricity consumption is very high, and if the electricity unstable, sometimes no power sometimes have power, this will make people crazy. If use the diesel generators, the Fuel consumption is also high, and unavoidably, noise is high, air pollution is also serious.

This problem has plagued Mr. Mohammed for a long time. Until his friend asked him: why not try the solar power? He started very soon to search the suitable solar power system. Because the system would use for factory power supply, factory have some 3 phase power machines, need the 3 phase solar system.

3 phase solar system

Mr. Mohammed got 10 quotation of 3 phase solar system in one week. After he passed 5, we were luckily in the rest. He started to compared the 3 phase solar system price, and the service.

Our 3 phase solar system price is the top high in the rest 5 factories. And even too much over then the other 4 factories. But after the communication with Mr. Mohammed, we know that there are some machines not working 8hours, maybe just 2 or 3hours only. So we adjusted the 3 phase solar system configuration.

We keep contacted with Mr. Mohammed for more than 2 months, worked to make clear information for their engineer team to study, also made the 3 phase solar system connection drawing , the loads connection designing etc. There are 6 hours difference between Egypt and China, we often work even at 23:00pm in China.

After 2months prepare work, Mr. Mohammed decided to buy the 3 phase solar system from us, for our professional work and timely reaction.

3 phase solar system

Since he has installed this 50kw 3 phase solar system, he was no longer worried about the electricity lack of problem. And the workers in the factory totally get rid of the noise of the diesel generators.

We are also happy for them.

Till now, if there are some friends need the solar power system, Mr. Mohammed will introduce Tanfon to them, we are very appreciated!

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