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5kw hybrid solar wind power system installing in Philippines

0 admin 2018-10-17 16:00:37

5kw hybrid solar wind power system installing in Philippines

    Philippine electricity cost is high. In Asian countries, Philippine electricity price is second only to Japan's. Electricity tariffs in the Philippines is piecewise charged, with residential power consumption of 100 to 200 degrees, electricity prices of about $0.313 per kilowatt-hour and industrial power consumption of about $0.25 per kilowatt-hour.

Philippines solar energy

    The shortage and unfavorable geographical position of Philippine domestic energy production have led to long-term energy problems. Such problems can not be solved easily by imported fuels. In addition, the government does not subsidize imported fuel, which means that electricity tariffs is controlled by the market, thus driving up electricity costs. As domestic power plants are aging year by year and the power plant is heavily indebted, the shortage of power supply in Philippines is not an accident.

    Philippines have strong wind energy, especially near the sea. Our customer Jerry, who is from USA, his company market is Philippines, they need 5kw hybrid solar wind power system for their customer’s farm used. This 5kw wind solar hybrid system complete set combine with 2kw solar panel power + 3kw wind generator power + 5kw hybrid power inverter + wind solar hybrid controller + 6m height pole + 8 pieces 200Ah/12V gel battery + 1 set cables.

wind solar hybrid power system

    About installation, we send all installation manual, 5kw hybrid solar wind power system connection diagarm, installation PPT for them. After finishing installation the wind generator and solar panel complete system, on 9th Oct, customer sent the installation pictures to us. With the wind solar system mounted, farmland scenery become more beautiful.

5kw wind solar power system

    But I have found one problem, is about solar panel connection, they let 8pcs solar panel in series, this is big problem. First, the hybrid solar wind power system DC voltage is 96v, so the solar panel voltage equal to system dc voltage. One solar panel connect to inverter, the voltage will change to 24v, the calculation is 96v / 24v = 4, should be 4pcs panel in series, 2 strings in parallel.

    Fortunately, just finished install, can change it asap, no damage to the machines. If you think TANFON with this customer story stop, you are wrong. Because we will continuous following the customer receive goods feedback, installation is ok? Quality is ok? The system working is ok?

solar wind power project

   This is our after-sales service, we not only sell product, but also do long business relationship.

   Choose tanfon, can let you satisfied for TANFON goods everything.

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