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If you want to know how robust Tanfon solar products are, this project case will help you.

The client in DR Congo order 68 sets of solar street lighting system from our company two years ago, plan to light up his Petroleum Storage Station. To satisfy their security requirements, we recommend the solar street lighting system with anti-exposition Lamp, which will be installed near the petrol and oil storage tanks.

solar street lighting system

However, those solar street lighting systems have not been installed in two years till they completed the infrastructural construction this year. Usually, the batteries will have some damage after two years of storage without any maintenance. However, when I test all the Lead Acid batteries, I found they still have 12.5-12.6V voltage and can power the 100W lamp for over 24 hours.

Later I maintained the batteries, discharge and charge fully for every battery, they recovered all and can work as full power.

The solar street lighting system with Lithium battery has better performance and can all work perfectly after charged fully.

Choose Tanfon, Choose products and convenience.

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