Are you helpless because of the sudden grid cut off?

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Location: Thailand

Solved: Provide emergency power when power is unstable

Our customer lives in a rural area, the unstable grid power always troubles with them。

First time, they want to use diesel generators, but the diesel generators have big noise and polluted environment, usually, the grid power cut off at night, the diesel generators big noise will influence them rest.

Finally, they find quiet and clean energy, which is solar power. Consider of their only want to emergency power backup, and load not big. We suggest they use our new product---Portable 2000w solar generator.


Now, they installed the portable 2000w solar generator at home.

One day he invites his friend to have dinner, he connected the pizza oven directly with the grid, after 5 min no power from the grid, then he changes to the 2000w solar generator to carry the pizza oven was perfect! So his friend see it good and also want to use.



Our Tanfon 2000w solar generator really can help you when local grid power is unstable, if you interested, welcome to contact us~

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