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Solar system is a great asset one should not undermine. It’s like a property you buy, property that needs regular and constant maintenance. It’s like your car, your computer, and your bike etc., anything you buy and cherish. Regular maintenance needs to be done on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Doing so increases largely and by hundred times the lifespan of your property, hassle free. It is the same for Solar system.

The entire Solar system needs maintenance of which the keys components that require regular maintenance are: solar panels, solar cells, solar inverters, solar controllers.

Every 3 months, when you receive a maintenance reminder from the IOT solar house guard, please start maintenance with no delay.




Maintenance Requirement

1. Solar panel

Check Points:


Clean Regularly the panels from any dust, dots, etc. This can be from, bird droppings, leaves, etc. that usually piled up on the panel board. To avoid any decrease in power generation and prevent hot spot effect so we strongly advise you to regularly clean the solar panels once a month (each 15 days if it is in a desert zone); According to the statistics, If you clean three times a month, it can increase the power generation by 10%. 
Regularly check whether the male (+) and female (-) joints are secure (Check when cleaning)


2. MPPT Charge Controller

Check Points:


1) Check that the charge controller works properly
2) Regularly check that the air inlet and outlet are not blocked.


3. Gel Battery -Maintenance

Check Points:


It is necessary to carry quarterly inspections to check whether the batteries voltage is normal (if the voltage becomes low, then they should be fully charged; let the battery stand for 4 hours, then measure the voltage of each battery)

During the quarterly inspection, the battery check meant to see if there is any abnormalities such as heat and liquid leakage etc..

To check if Whether the battery cable is secure, firmly tighten and that there is no looseness or damage.

4. Lithium Battery

Check Points:


If working normally, no special maintenance is required

If there is no charge and discharge for a long time, you need to carry out a deep charge and deep discharge process once in each 3 months

5. Solar Inverter

Check Points:

Regularly check and clean internal dust 
Check if the wires are secure and there is no looseness or damage

Pay attention to waterproof and moisture

Some solar systems are used in a harsh environment (as shown in the picture). The dust is static electrification, which is easy to blow up the IGBT. We strongly recommend you to use a blower (not hot blower!) to blow the dust inside the inverter each 3-4 months.


Benefits of doing regular solar maintenance:

  • Ensure the system safety use;
  • Extend the system lifespan by more than 2 times
  • Efficient Power generation
  • Money Saving 
  • Added-value to your property
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