This photo is a commercial solar system of our customer in Mongolia. The customer is a local engineering contractor who specializes in helping suburban communication stations find solar energy telecom systems and solve energy problems. When the customer first contacted us, he asked for a 5KW solar system, but based on our own experience, our explained to the customer that the communication station generally does not need to use a 5KW solar system, and asked the customer for detailed load information and the respective power.





Country: Mongolia
Application: Solar Telecommunication Tower
System type: 2KW single phase 220V solar system

Through communication with our engineers, it is calculated that a 2KW system is enough for the customer's communication station, so we recommend a 2KW single-phase 220V solar system to the customer. The solution uses 6 pieces of 350W solar panels, a combiner box, and a 48V/2KW inverter, four 12V/150AH gel batteries, and corresponding wires, and explained to the customer that the 2KW system can generate 12.6KWH of electricity and can carry a 2KW (2.8KVA) load.

After communicating with the customer many times, the customer agreed with our plan and placed a trial order with us. Now the customer has received the goods and installed them. The feedback said that the product is very useful, and it can provide energy in time when there is no mains power. The power is also sufficient, thank you very much for our professional recommendation, so that he does not need to incur additional costs. Now there is a new communication station project, and customer need to communicate with us about the design plan and place an order again.

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