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Tanfon 12kw solar farm system installation support in Timor-leste

0 admin 2018-10-11 17:06:52

Tanfon 12kw solar farm system installation support in Timor-leste

We are a professional solar system supplier for 11 years. We not only provide the suitable and best solar solution for our customers, but also our professional installation team support to provide installing service around the world. Our purpose” Quality first, customer first”

Our engineer came to Timor-leste for one 12kw solar power system installation service.

solar panel system installation

Customer this project 12kw solar system is using for his farm house electricity supply. Some countries grid power three phase voltage is 380V, but the grid power is not stable, often power cut, even if there is no power cut, many time the voltage is still very low, single-phase voltage 220V as low as 70~90VAC, therefore, many appliances are burned down.

The project design as follow:

Before coming to customer local, We had full discussion with our customer, like the total load power, voltage, working time. We provided him the customized 12kw solar system.

solar panel system farm house used solar panel connection

12kw inverter solar panel system comfiguration includes:

48 pieces 250w mono solar panels

1 piece pv combiner (12 inputs 1 outputs)

1 piece 12kw power pure sine wave inverter

20 pieces 200AH gel batteries

1 set panel rack

1 set pv cables and battery cables

12kw solar power system for farm house appliances power

The system use to take how many house appliances load? These are the loads as below:

NO. Appliances load Quantity
1 Air conditioner (1.5ton) 3 pieces
2 TV (56 inch) 2 pieces
3 Fan 5 pieces
4 Fridge (big size) 1 piece
5 Washing machine (10kg size) 1 piece
6 LED tube (30W) 10 pieces
7 Water pump 500W 1 piece
8 Water boiler 2000W 1 piece
9 Cooker 1200W 1 piece

How it work now:

When it was completed, our engineer tested the system at once. All loads worked together well. And the output voltage, current were all normal. The power supply system has also become very stable. Our customers think highly of our products quality and service. He invited us to Timor-leste to travel next time. What a good cooperation!

12KW solar system installation in Timor-leste

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