TANFON 1MW solar power plant for hospital

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Project:1MW solar power plant



type: On grid solar system


This is a 1mw Grid tie system. The PV generation is designed according to the daily electricity consumption. It including total 2740 panels and 16pcs inverters, this project will pay back in 4 years, and the remaining 21 years will enjoy free electricity, If you want to invest in solar power generation, please consult Tanfon.



Below is this project FAQ:


Q:How big area need to install this 1MW solar power plant ?



Q:what is the 1MW solar power plant warranty?

A:solar panel 10 years , grid tie inverter and other 5 years; for real after sales service .


Q:what is real after sales service ?

A:if solar panel any problem ,we promise send free NEW panel for service ,you don’t need to pay any cost .include shipment by sea .


Q:install this 1MW solar power plant ,need how many people and how many days?

A:the project like our that roof type install ,need 12-15people ,26 days installation time.


Q:How to maintain this 1MW solar power plant ?

A:about 3-6 months(base on local )Clean the solar panel once and check the circuit.


Q:where connect the solar on grid system?

A:this hospital have his OWM 1000V transformer ,so our on grid solar inverter is directly to the transformer.


Q:how to said can use 21 years free electricity ?

A:becouse we have caculate, this project total cost ,4 years can get back all money ,and solar system can working more than 25 years ,so you can use 21 years free electricity .save so much cost !

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