TANFON 5kw wind and 5kw solar double system for home project

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5kw wind and 5kw solar hybrid 10kw power system for home

One of our TANFON customers from Senegal bought complete set 10kw off grid hybrid solar wind system from our company.

solar wind hybrid power system 10kw

Senegal Renewable Energy Market:

Senegal has made the greatest progress in expanding its energy supply, making it stand out among the least developed countries. Senegal is one of the countries with the highest electricity supply among the 30 other African countries and the only country with an electricity access rate of more than 50%, close to 85% of the world's cities.

The population of Senegal is young and growing. More than 60% of the population is under the age of 25, and more than 75% are engaged in agricultural work. Food processing, mining and fertilizer production are also important. Improvements in the energy system will help modernize these sectors.

The United Nations says Senegal must double its electrification rate in order to achieve universal energy supplies by 2030. At present, only 33% of the rural population in Senegal has electricity supply. But connecting rural households to the central grid is too expensive for most, and building transmission infrastructure will take years.

Last year, Senegal took measures to deal with these challenges, first of all, the diversification of energy structure. About 88% of Senegal's electricity comes from fossil fuels and the rest comes from renewable energy. The goal is to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 20% by 2017 - one way is to use solar and wind energy.

Therefore, more than 80% residents order hybrid solar wind system from China, which is the best solution for them.


The senegal customer have 4 floors building, have light, cooker, fan, fridge ect machines, they don’t have air conditioner, because the senegal weather is warm, not too much hot. Just use fan is ok. So we suggest 5kw solar panel + 5kw wind turbine to his house.

wind solar hybrid power used for home

What can our wind solar hybrid system supply?

1 piece 5kw wind generator + 1 piece wind solar hybrid controller + 16 pieces 200Ah gel battery + 1 piece 5kw pure sine wave inverter

24 pieces 300w mono panel + 2 pieces solar controller + 16 piees 200Ah gel battery + 1 piece 5kw pure sine wave inverter

What appliances load can the system take?

2 piece 1.5ton AC + 2 TV 56inch + 1 washing machine 10kg size + 10 led tube + 7 pieces fan brewer + 4 TV 32plastma + 1 piece refrigerator of 270 liter + 2 climatiseu

What can we do for our customer?

Our team come to Tivaouane Senegal 4 days for install support, and training his engineer

Solar panel:

According to the electricity consumption , 10kw hybrid solar wind power system have 5kw solar panel, the senegal sunshine time have about 6 hours, so the 5kw solar panel can produce about 30kw/h per day. When at day time, can use solar, at night use wind.

5000 watts solar panel

Wind turbine:

At nigh, the customer will use cooker, fan, light ect loads. So we design 5kw wind turbine to him as well, because the solar panel produce power can stock at batteries, no need too much power also can carry all loads.

wind turbine 5kw

wind generator 5kw


We sent our best engineer to help him to install, the engineer have been to Chad, Egypt, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Mozambique ect countries. He spent 4 days finish all install and test system. The customer was very enthusiastic about hosting our engineers and invited him to travel in Senegal for a few days, stay with their and live together. Because he very nice, profession and gentleman.

wind controller

wind solar hybrid power inverter 5kw


Now the customer very satisfied, he made the system working video share with us

If you want to know more information, welcome o contact us.


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