Three Containers Telecom solar system In Ethiopia

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Telecom solar system In Ethiopia

One day a customer from the trading company in Dubai inquired about Telecom solar system,

This customer is very clear about his requirement. He said that their company have award the telecommunications project in Ethiopia, but there is no grid electricity power , so they need our Tanfon solar system design to power the telecommunications equipment.

Tanfon solar company are professional in solar projects for more than 12 years. So, the design and configuration of the solar system is more professional. The customer said that they need 7 sets such solar systems, 3sets 1kw solar telecommunications system and 4 sets 2kw  solar telecommunications system, and then he sent us their loads table, confirmed that they can be powered, basically most of them are small power loads,and only 70% of the load will work for 24 hours, so the battery and panels configuration need to be enough for 24hours working. According to the electricity consumption and loads power given by the customer, we have designed suitable solar telecom systems for the customers.

The battery, inverter and controller will be setted outdoors in cabinet, an IP55 waterproof cabinet ,so there is necessary to have ventilation holes and small fans or small air conditioners in cabinet to cool down temperature inside cabinet when machines are working inside , because In Industry requirement ,the batteries are required to keep in environment where preferably in a well-ventilated place at 25 ° C to 40 ° C. After all discussing with customers, we confirmed  the size and design structure of outdoor cabinet.

The outdoor cabinet is usually settled under the solar panels, so that the solar panel mounting system rack must be higher than the height of the cabinet, and the panels area must be able to cover the cabinet weight. In this case, the bracket needs to be surely sufficiently stable, because the local wind speed is 130km / h, and It often rains, and the ground is relatively humid, so we design galvanized round pipes for all support feet to ensure that they are strong enough , rust and moisture resistant.

We finsished completed design to customers.After their meeting,they decided to choose our company Tanfon to place order.They said that “ your company guys are very patient and professional,and we have so many questions to ask but your guys answer one by one clearly  carefully ,that is why we choose your company,we like your products design and service!” 

The customer is very satisfied with the design of our complete set of telecommunication solar energy systems. He said that this project is just a small start. They have already started such more projects in Ethiopia, so we will have more cooperation in near future .

telecom solar system

Before ship the first order ,customer buy another 2 container telecom solar system and ship together .

telecom solar system

Because they have to be installed in 22 telecommunications base stations, the service level of the factory is particularly important.In the design standard, according to the requirements of each different base station; mark the goods of different base stations before engineer can install Telecom solar system very easy and fast.

telecom solar system

Quality determines trust,TANFON --NO.1 Service in china .

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