Why Botswana factory install TANFON 30KW battery solar system?

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battery solar system

In Northern Botswana, Southern Africa  Generator Electricity is expensive that's why my customer want solar Fuel is the main problem. starting from connection fee, if factory for connection was $25 000, only connection it means normal no electricity .if Housing is cheaper, only $500 is connected, farms and businesses are need $25000,is more expensive.

battery solar system

A person from Northern Botswana located in Southern Africa saying that the having a fuel injected generator electrical system is very much expensive maintaining such apparatus.  The person is more likely thinking to shifting to battery solar system . Which has longer life and even though performance is more than the fuel injected generator. Even if roughly more or less 25,000USD would be the connection but far from the fuel generator electrical output is way low from the battery solar system. Yes it is a little bit expensive at first but far from problematic maintenance and none earth friendly apparatus Tanfon Products is above all of its type. And other things here are some of the benefits of having a battery solar system

battery solar system

  1. Solar electric generators are silent. Since there are no moving parts, you don't deal with the noise that comes from a gas or diesel powered machine.
  2. Solar generators require less maintenance. Parts that don't move don't wear out so fast.
  3. Solar generators don't require fossil fuels. That means energy does less damage on its way to your home, safer air to breathe, and fewer greenhouse gases.
  4. Once the battery solar system generator is up to full speed, it will run day and night without any input from you. During the day, the electricity charges the batteries and excess powers your equipment. At night, the batteries power your equipment. As long as there's enough daylight every day, it just goes on and on.

And mostly battery solar system is earth friendly compare to fuel injected generators.

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