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The difference between off grid inverter work with battery and without batterry

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The difference between off grid inverter work with battery and without batterry

As for off grid pure sine wave solar inverter, Tanfon expert design have 5 kinds of inverter:

1. Stand along design solar inverter with charge controller built-in (Type: SC300W-10KW)

2. Stand along design inverter without charge controller built-in (Type: TF300W-30KW, use for solar power or wind power)

3. Wall mounting design solar inverter with charge controller built-in (Type: WSC1KW-6KW)

4. Wall mounting design solar inverter without charge controller built-in (Type: NW1KW-6KW)

5. Wall mounting design solar inverter off grid power without battery working (Type: TF-smart 2KW-5KW)


Because the exterior of WSC solar inverter and the TF-smart solar inverter is similar, many customers can not distinguish these two kinds of inverter, and ask many questions about they function. The difference show as follow:

TANFON WSC solar inverter

TANFON TF-smart solar inverter

solar inverter off grid power with controller built-in

Model: 1kw-6kw

Model: 2kw-5kw

With MPPT controller 50V or 100V

With MPPT controller 120V-500V

With transformer, low frequency type

Without transformer, high frequency type

with breakers

With switch

Take inductive load very well

Take inductive load

Pure sine wave

Pure sine wave

Off Grid Power inverter, must work with battery

Off grid power inverter, can work with battery storage, also can work without battery.


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