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Philippines the 10kw solar power system electrical voltage

0 admin 2020-09-18 10:12:29

Topic: For farm use in Philippines the electrical voltage is like in south Africa, 220V three phase, that is L+L+N= 220V three phase, so many solar into the Philippine Market, is not stable and tanfon can use German technology is the solution to the problem.

10kw solar power system

Philippines have 7,641 island, which is sun is very rich in different regions of the country. The Philippines is divided into three electrical grids, one each for Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao

10kw Solar Power System

10kw solar power system

The Philippines has only recently incorporated large scale solar farms in the country, despite the fact that the country is geographically located in a region that receives a high amount of sunlight each year. Major solar farms in the Philippines can be found in Cavite, Pampanga, Ilocos Norte, and Cagayan de Oro. Solar energy in the Philippines is rich and vibrant but it has to be in high technology that is where Tanfon comes in, providing German technology but in the price that is suited in the needs and excellent after sales service that is already been proven in South Africa. Trust only Tanfon and you will have the ONLY top class quality and service in its finest.  

10kw solar power system

10kw solar power system
10kw Solar Power System

solar panel

1. Mono efficiency 22%,

Poly panel efficiency 19%

2. Suggest choose Mono

3.10 years Warranty,ship NEW panel

for after sale service

solar inverter system for solar power and batteries for a 10 kw unit


10kw solar power system

Aluminum Panel Rack,

need confirm before order

1. Iron roof

2. slope Tile roof

3. Flat roof

4. Ground


solar home inverter 10kw solar power system

IGBT Pure sine wave inverter

1 ,110V or 220V ,Dual output

2. 50HZ/60HZ frequency

3. Hybrid with city power function

4. 2years Warranty,ship FREE PCB

board by DHL for service


solar battery 10kw solar power system

Solar battery

1)Gel battery,2 years warranty.ship NEW for service.

2)Lithium battery,3 years warranty.ship NEW for service.


10kw solar power system solar system for home cable

According to the experience of the engineer to install,

the 35cm(battery to battery) and 2m(battery to inverter) 

wires can be directly installed, saving installation time.



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