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NO. 1: Confusing off-grid and on-grid.
Solar energy allows you to generate your own energy, which means you won’t pay for the utility company. People think this will be off-grid, but this is not accurate.
Your solar panels generate energy, and you need a way to store that energy later use, like battery bank, they would need an off-grid system.
On-grid has access to the power grid, which means the generated energy can be feedback to the utility grid. 

NO. 2: Misunderstanding solar panel efficiency.
Firstly, efficiency. Solar panel efficiency drops by about 0.7% per year. It is best to design some additional headroom to account for the 10% to 20% drop in 25 years. In most cases, this is one or two additional panels.
Second, weather and location. Solar panels are tested in ideal conditions, but in the real world, the solar panel would be exposed to much harsher conditions.
High temperatures actually reduce the energy produced by solar panels. Your location also determines how many sun hours you can get. The term “sun hours” does not mean how long the sun stays in the sky. It refers to the time when the sun is in the right position to produce peak energy. Most places take about three to six hours a day, and the exact time will affect the size of the system.

NO. 3: Not buying solar energy because you think this is an unwise investment
We know, solar energy is not cheap (but much cheaper than a few years ago). This is a four to five-figure investment. 
This is a big promise, but the electricity provided by the power company is not cheap, and the price will only rise.
The reality is that when you consider the long-term value of a solar power system, most grid-connected systems will quickly recover costs. In fact, you can make a profit during the warranty period.

When you start to profit from solar energy. Take your trial system cost, minus tax, and divide that by your electricity cost. After your payback period, you save money every year because you no longer need to pay to a utility company. Sounds good? 

When it comes to your solar need, we are the team to trust.

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