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Does a photovoltaic power generation system generate radiation?

0 admin 2019-01-03 16:15:07

Is there any radiation in solar photovoltaic power generation?

The components of a photovoltaic power generation system do not generate any electromagnetic radiation when generating electricity, but in order to convert the direct current generated by the photovoltaic module into alternating current and to connect to the grid, a large number of power equipment and electronic devices are usually required, and these devices are in operation. It will affect the surrounding electromagnetic environment.

Tanfon photovoltaic power generation system

(Tanfon photovoltaic power generation system for home use)

The photovoltaic power generation system and the electromagnetic environment are used herein to refer to the sum of electromagnetic phenomena existing in the periphery of the photovoltaic system due to the operation of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Scientifically determined, the electromagnetic environment of photovoltaic power generation system is lower than the limits of various indicators. In the industrial frequency band, the electromagnetic environment of the photovoltaic power generation system is even lower than that produced by the commonly used household appliances, and will not affect the personal health.

For customers who have doubts about the existence of radiation in photovoltaic power generation system, you can install and use them with confidence, and from the perspective of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, installing a 1 square meter photovoltaic system is equivalent to afforestation of 100 square meters.

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