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The project site is equipped with a 100kW/200kWh TANFON Solar energy storage system. TANFON Solar technical engineer Yang Gong said that the energy storage has the function of real-time monitoring of load power, and can automatically adjust the output active power during peak power consumption periods, reducing the number of transformers in the Taiwan area. load factor, effectively alleviating heavy overloading of transformers in Taiwan and ensuring normal electricity consumption for residents.

In addition, the 30kW/100kWh platform energy storage system configured on site in another project adopts a three-phase four-arm topology, with single-phase and three-phase active and reactive power control functions, which can accurately solve the problem of low voltage and three-phase terminals in the platform. Imbalance and other phenomena.

The TANFON power smart station area energy storage system adopts a modular design. A single cabinet covers an area of less than 2 square meters and can be quickly deployed in various installation environments. It is worth mentioning that TANFON Solar’s self-developed EMS system can flexibly set operation strategies to achieve an energy storage system that comprehensively meets the needs of heavy overload, terminal low voltage, three-phase unbalance, low power factor, and new energy access. , temporarily guaranteeing power supply for six major application scenarios.

Energy storage leader

TANFON Solar has been deeply involved in the power grid field for more than 20 years, adhering to the grid-level safety design concept and launching smart energy storage systems. Committed to comprehensively solving power quality problems in Taiwan and improving the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

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