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Some knowledge of solar panel power generation system

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1.How to clean solar panels?

Rainwater can be cleaned without special maintenance. If you encounter adhesive dirt, simply wipe it. In order to avoid electric shock damage to the solar panels and possible damage to the solar panels under high temperature and strong light, it is recommended to clean the solar panels in the morning or late in the afternoon.The solar panels are loaded with certain weight, but they cannot be stepped on the solar panels for cleaning, which will cause hidden damage to the components and affect the life of the solar panels.

solar panel power generation

2.Will house shadows, leaves, and dust affect the solar panel power generation system?

It will affect the amount of electricity generated. If the bird guano is found, it needs to be cleaned up in time.


3. If the solar panel is broken, need to be replaced immediately?

Can not be replaced immediately, if the replacement is recommended in the morning or late in the afternoon, should contact the power station operation and maintenance personnel in time, and be replaced by professionals.

4.Does the  solar panel power generation system have radiation?

The  solar panel power generation system converts solar energy into electrical energy, which is non-polluting and non-radiative, and has no harm to the human body.


5.What is the effect of  solar panel power generation system in rainy weather?

It can also generate electricity on rainy days, but the effect is not very good. If it is cloudy, the amount of electricity generated is only about 20% of the sunny day.

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