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Current status of solar power generation market in Chile

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As a hot spot for renewable energy investment, Chile has achieved great advantages with low labor prices, abundant lighting resources and a good financing environment. In Chile's national electricity auction, clean energy can use price advantage to defeat fossil fuels. Therefore, the Chilean government has proposed a coal decommissioning plan. It is expected that by 2030, solar power generation will become Chile's main source of electricity, covering more than 30% of domestic electricity demand.

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Chile's current PV policies mainly include tendering, net billing, tax breaks, and public solar roof plans. The net billing policy applies to small projects below 100 kW. The Ministry of Finance encourages the development of solar power generation through subsidies, while the public solar roof plan is promoted by the Chilean Ministry of Energy to save energy costs for public buildings. The plan will give priority to areas with higher emissivity and higher electricity prices.

In 2017, Chile added 554 MW of photovoltaic grids, with a total installed capacity of 2.2 GW. Since 2011, Chile's abundant solar energy resources and soaring electricity prices have driven the rapid development of solar power generation projects, making Chile a leader in the entire Latin American market.

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