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TANFON 3kw off grid solar system for 4 floors building used

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TANFON 3kw off grid solar system for 4 floors building used

TANFON Solar power system products for Sir Lanka market.

3kw solar system

Over the past 20 years, Sri Lanka's electricity demand has grown at an annual rate of about 5-6%, a trend that is expected to continue in the future. 2013-2017 years of Sri Lanka's installed capacity and peak demand for electricity, please check the following form:

Year Installed capacity Installed capacity year-on-year growth rate Peak demand Peak demand growth rate
2013 3312 5% 2146 -1%
2014 3355 1% 2164 1%
2015 3932 17% 2152 -1%
2016 3847 -2% 2283 6%
2017 4054 6% 2453 7%
Average growth rate in recent five years 5.25% / 3.71%

At present, Sri Lanka's electricity supply is stable, but its energy structure needs to be further optimized, and the cost of power generation remains high. The combined cost of Putram's coal-fired power station is about 4.2 rupees per kilowatt hour. The current cost of generating electricity is about 6.2 rupees per kilowatt hour as a result of rising international coal prices. The cost of generating electricity from fuel is about 29 rupees per kilowatt hour. The average selling price is 17 rupees per kilowatt hour.

In addition, Sri Lanka power grid aging is very serious and needs urgent upgrading. Coal-fired power stations are often shut down protectively due to power line failures, forcing the Sri Lanka Electric Power Authority to take partial power-limiting measures.

Basis on the Sri Lanka’s electricity situation, so have more and more local people want to use solar power system. Thereby reducing electricity costs, stabilize electricity use.

office building used solar system

Sir Lanka C.V.Ratnayake company bought TANFON 3kw off grid solar system on Nov.2017

One of our Sri Lanka customer, I want to talk about his solar panel system case buy from us. He want to buy one set inverter solar power system for his office use. The office has 18000btu air conditioner and refrigerator etc. inductive loads, after knowing well about his situation, we designed 3kw solar power system for him. now still working perfect. We have video about him introduce solar system working feedback, if you have interested, we can send to you.

solar panel 3000 watts

System scheme:

10pcs solar panel + 1pc PV combiner + 1pc 3kw solar inverter + 4pcs battery + bracket + cable

3kw solar inverter with battery

solar power system for office use

The Building has total 4 floors.

During the day time, the loads of the first floor include the lights, 18000BTU air conditioner; After 6pm, the second floor uses the lights, 18000BTU air conditioner, cooker etc. Refrigerator is working 24 hours.

This 3kw solar system solution electric roll gate switch and other electricity instability

Customer come to visit our factory after using the system, and he show us the video to talk about how to use this 3 kw inverter solar panel system with battery storage. 

We are solar power system solution provider, no matter what your needs, we can try to satisfy you.

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