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150KW solar system for Food Manufacturing Factory in Sierra Leone

0 admin 2024-02-01 14:16:02

Why Sierra Leone Food Manufacturing Factory Choose Our TANFON Solar?

In  Sierra Leone, there are many problems in grid power usage.

Unstable power supply: Sierra Leone’s power supply network frequently faces problems, including frequent blackouts and voltage fluctuations. This instability is a common problem for local residents and businesses.

150KW solar system for Food Manufacturing Factory in Sierra Leone

Low electricity coverage: Sierra Leone has relatively low electricity coverage. According to the International Energy Agency, as of 2021, Sierra Leone's electricity penetration rate is about 30%. This means that most rural areas and some urban areas remain without electricity.

Insufficient infrastructure: Sierra Leone’s electricity infrastructure is relatively weak. Issues such as aging power grids, inadequate equipment maintenance, and lack of investment have led to unstable power supply and low power coverage.

Reliance on imported electricity: Sierra Leone currently relies mainly on imported electricity to meet domestic demand. The country's main electricity supplier is imported electricity from neighboring Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. However, this dependence has also led to power supply issues due to supply instability and supply chain issues.

Potential Renewable Energy Sources: Although Sierra Leone faces electricity supply challenges, the country also has some potential renewable energy resources such as hydro, solar and wind energy. Harnessing these resources could increase Sierra Leone’s electricity production capacity and improve local electricity access.

Therefore ,our company Mr. Naveen he ordered 150kw solar system from us Tanfon company,
The design include ,112pcs 550w solar panel,2pcs pv combiner and 2pcs 80A 360VDC MPPT solar controller,150kw inverter 3phase 380vac ,with 400ah 384vdc lithium battery,also panel rack and cables .

Food Manufacturing Factory in Sierra Leone

Mr Naveen said he very care about the quality that is why he consider the lithium battery first ,
Because lithium battery use life is longer than gel battery .Since he use solar system to power its motor ,he need to have super quality battery to discharge to power it.

When goods arrive to Sierra Leone,Mr Naveen engineer contacted us,and tell us they were doing installation for our solar system ,they think they can handle installation by their own with their engineers team according our clear installation manual ,because our installation manual include each part details installation,such as each panel how to connect,solar controller how to connect to pv combiner, and so on, we also provide complete system include cables and breaker ,so when customers receive our package,they can install our solar system directly,which is very convinent for our customers . 

Finally,Mr Naveen told me that they finish installation for our solar system,so they are very happy and satisfied with our service because our engineer guide them for installation in one step to another step clearly,their solar system is in operation now .Everything is perfect!

Surely we provide our customer good after sales service ,because we not just sell products .

When sending your goods, we will send you installation drawings, installation instructions, installation videos, warranty cards, installation precautions and other documents.
When you receive the goods, there will be a one-on-one engineer to guide the installation online for you
When your solar energy needs maintenance, there will be a solar housekeeper in the APP to remind you to maintain the system regularly.
Perfect after-sales service process to ensure your experience of using solar energy.


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