Philippines 5KW Lithium Battery Off Grid System


Location: Philippines
Power: 5KW
Type: off-grid
Battery: Lithium


Ruben, a resident of the Philippines, first became acquainted with the Tanfon brand three years ago when he was seeking a solar energy system for his vacation home on a remote island. He wanted to completely detach from the power grid and achieve energy independence. Ruben has been in discussions with us to research the best #solar energy system for his needs and is particularly interested in the IoT technology integrated into the Tanfon system.


5KW Lithium Battery Off Grid System in Philippines


Our engineers calculated Ruben's daily electricity usage, which includes a television, lighting, a water heater, and a one-ton air conditioner. Based on their calculations, they recommended a #5KW off-grid lithium battery system to Ruben, #Lithium battery has larger capacity and longer service time under the same volume, which was sufficient for his requirements and would not result in excess power production.


After receiving the system, Ruben attempted to install it himself and found the process to be simple and convenient. The system has been functioning smoothly since installation, and Ruben believes that his vacation home could become a popular destination for Filipino customers. If you are interested, you can contact our customer Ruben at any time.


Philippines 5KW Lithium Battery Off Grid System


Tanfon's off-grid lithium battery system is an excellent choice for those who aspire to energy independence and sustainable living. With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, it is no surprise that customers like Ruben are satisfied with their experience.


Philippines 5KW Lithium Battery Off Grid System

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