A customer from a UK number, After talking to him, he told us that his home is in Ghana, was using a #5KW solar power system before, but the battery is no longer durable, he wants to upgrade his solar power system, he found us on Google, came to the Tanfon website to view our product information, and sent us an inquiry. The customer has an air conditioner and will return to his home in Ghana when he is on vacation. After discussing the solution, the inverter is increased to 10KW, the battery is 8pcs, and the control The device is MPPT; True MPPT, ultra-wide voltage, easy to track power.


Ghana 10KW Home Solar Power System

confirmed the product, The customer is in the UK and is worried that the goods will not be received. If it is CIF (pick up the goods at the destination port), the customer needs to find a friend to clear the customs and pick up the goods for him. The customer does not accept this mode of transportation. We tell our customers that we have good experience in Africa, and many customers have installed our #solar power system. Good experience, we can do DDP service, and customers only need to pay once, no need to pay other fees, they just need to pick up the goods at the local warehouse, the customer also sent us the local address, the warehouse of the shipping agent is at, ACCRA GHANA, is about 50 kilometers away from the customer's home. We also sent some pictures of our African projects to the customer. The customer trusts us and confirms the order to us. We will also give timely feedback on the transportation situation to the customer, the customer received the goods, installed the solar power system, and now the system is working very well, he sent us some pictures of feedback.

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