5kw Solar Energy System For House In Chad


Power: 5kw

installation Location: Chad

Use: Home use

Type: Off-grid solar systemsingle phase solar system



5kw 5kva Solar Energy System For House

In this photo is our customer from Chad. He purchased a 5kw high-frequency solar system from Tanfon to carry his home electricity. He told us during the purchase that the electricity is often unstable due to regional reasons. We need to buy an additional solar energy system to solve the problem of electricity consumption. 

We understand his difficulties very much, so we recommended a 5kw solar energy system to him, which can provide him with stable power efficiently and safely. The customer also said that he chose Tanfon because of the recommendation of the people around him. , because friends around me are also using Tanfon's solar energy system and feel that Tanfon's solar energy system is very stable, efficient and safe. So I chose to buy our products to solve my own electricity problem.
so Tanfon is definitely a good helper for you to solve the electricity problem.

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