15kw solar energy and wind power hybrid system in Poland


solar energy and wind power hybrid system

Power: 15kw

installation Location: Poland

Use: Home use

type: Off grid solar wind


In this photo is our Polish customer's home wind-solar hybrid system. In Poland, the problem encountered by customers is the problem of high electricity bills. In winter, customers spend thousands of dollars in electricity bills a month, so we have to pay attention to our electricity bills in terms of electricity bills. The customer caused a lot of burden. Our salesman learned that the wind speed in Poland is relatively good in winter, so she recommended our wind and solar hybrid system to customer. After using our solar wind system, the customer will save 500 US dollars in electricity bills per month. The value of the system can be recouped in two to three years. 


15kw solar energy and wind power hybrid system


solar energy and wind power in poland

At the same time, our Polish customers also attach great importance to quality issues, and Tanfon is a company that attaches great importance to quality. Our inverters include German 5s technology and flame retardant technology and use Japanese Mitsubishi Moss tubes. From every aspect Both improve product safety and quality assurance. 
In terms of the quality of the fan, we also use materials that are different from those of ordinary fans. The screws are made of stainless steel and are protected by outer and inner hexagons. The blade is made of aluminum alloy, semi-closed blade, and the structure is stable. The customer placed an order immediately after learning about the above situation, expressing their trust in Tanfon products. So if you also have the trouble of high electricity bills in winter, choosing Tanfon is definitely a good decision.


solar and wind in poland

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