Kenya 8KW Solar Energy System With Gel Batttery

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8KW Off Grid Solar System In Kenya


8KW Off Grid Solar System In Kenya

Power: 8kw

Location: Kenya

Use: Home

type: Standalone Solar System
This photo is a feedback sent to us by a Kenya customer who purchased an 8kw off-grid solar system from Tanfon that operates on solar panels during the day and batteries at night. 

8KW Off Grid Solar System In Kenya


8KW Off Grid Solar System In Kenya

When customers came to us, they complained about their power problems. Because Kenya is still a developing country, its mains power is very unstable, and there are frequent power outages, which cause certain difficulties for people's normal life. After hearing his needs, our sales staff designed this plan based on the data given by the customer, which can perfectly cover the customer's electricity demand. Of course, in terms of safety, we are also trustworthy. 


8KW Off Grid Solar System In Kenya

Our systems use German 5s technology, and the solar panels use PCRE technology, which can effectively reduce the heat plate effect and solar panel cracking. We all use flame retardant technology for inverters to increase the safety of use. Regarding batteries, our batteries are brand new, with sufficient capacity and long service life. Therefore, customers can buy such a system with peace of mind.

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