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10KW Solar Energy System For Home In France


Power: 10KW

Location: France

Use: Home

type: Off grid systemsingle phase system


This picture is a feedback picture sent to us by a customer from France. He smiled very happily in the picture because we solved a very difficult thing for him. As you all know, European countries are going through an energy crisis, There is a shortage of energy in all countries, electricity bills continue to rise, and the high electricity bills make it difficult for many households to pay. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose a new energy source. When this customer found Tanfon, he also told us about his troubles with electricity bills. When our seller knew about it, he understood his mood and designed a 10KW set for him. off-grid solar system to solve its problems.

This off-grid solar system can supply power to his home 24 hours a day. The principle of use is to use solar panels to generate electricity in the morning and then store it in batteries to load household appliances. Customers also raised his questions about this system, such as This system can really generate so much electricity, is he safe with so many electrical appliances? We answer all these questions one by one.


10KW Solar Energy System For Home In France


First of all, the solar panels we use use the American PCRE technology, the power generation reaches 100%, and it also prevents the hot plate effect and anti-cracking. Regarding the batteries, our batteries are brand new, with 100% capacity, unlike some inferior products. Use secondary batteries removed from other electrical appliances. Our inverters are all IGBTs, and all inverters are MPPT, using German 5S technology, and the whole system has a 360-degree quality guarantee, so the safety can be completely assured. After you buy it, we also have a special after-sales service. The service team is at your service and teaches you how to install the system. So choosing Tanfon is a wise choice.

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