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Application of German 8kw solar power system in real estate


Mr.Fäth is a real estate builder. He is very optimistic about the development prospects of solar energy systems. At the same time, he also wants to provide supporting facilities and more value-added services for the construction of solar greenhouses for his real estate customers. This is a new type of real estate product, which is also conducive to the easier sale of houses. As the first step to invest in the solar industry, he wants to buy 10 sets of 8kw Photovoltaic system as samples to install on the model house for customers to visit and sell.



Product quality is his top concern priority. He also learned from the official website that we have 13 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, and there are engineering cases in Europe, so he believes in the quality of our products, besides we have a professional after-sales team to provide him service. He is also more concerned about the installation of solar panels, because the solar panels are installed on the roof, worrying that they will be blown off by strong winds. In response to his concerns, we provided a professional installation plan and bracket installation instructions, wind load: 55m/s, snow load: 1.5kn/m2. At the same time, we calculated for him to ensure that the roof can put down 8kw solar panels.



After many discussions, we determined the final solar solution. he ordered 10sets solar energy systems to start his solar business first.and develop new solar system green house sales.
So far, we have cooperated with a total of 4MW of solar energy system projects, with an average set of cumulative power generation of 24600KWH.
Mr.Fäth feedback that the systems are still working very well, with a power generation efficiency of 99.8%.
Due to the shortage of energy in Europe and rising electricity prices this year, the demand for solar energy systems is urgently needed to rise. It also brought him a good return on investment.Indeed, with this value-added service, new solar houses are easier to sell.



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