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School 20kw solar engineering project in Chad



This is a customer feedback from Chad. He purchased multiple sets of solar systems for his school engineering. The understanding with this customer was in May this year. He is looking for suppliers for the school's power supply project. He does not know much about China's solar market and does not know how to choose solar suppliers. After learning about this, our Sales did not sells product to him. Just Introducing how to identify the strength and level of solar manufacturers. In fact, Tanfon has always adhered to the concept of helping customers lies in customer exchanges to get the trust of customers. We chose to cooperate with us when our patient inquiry and help customers solve the problem at any time.

At first he chose to buy a set of samples for testing, see how to use the situation before deciding whether to continue to buy a large number. In fact, we also understand this concern. We also understand very well. We have a lot of customers who buy batch purchases to buy samples first to check the usage. So we introduced him to our Tanfon's IoT function. IoT can extend the warranty time of the product and provide a more comprehensive guarantee for your use, and it can also maintain the solar system to maintain the extended use time, which is convenient for the school's use. The stability of school use is also very important for schools. It is what the guest values.



when providing electricity when students are in class. We also introduced him to our solar panels. It adopts American PERC technology. The service life of solar panels is longer, the power generation efficiency is 1 %, and it has a cracking function, which can effectively reduce the damage to solar panels caused by transportation. In terms of batteries, guests chose colloid batteries, and we also introduced him to the advantages of our colloid battery. In the network system, the battery played a role in storage of electricity. Therefore The role. The batteries used by TANFON are all 100 % capacity, new battery. It can ensure its life life and not use it in a few months as some second -hand batteries. (Introduction of battery production factory) (Why some batteries at the same price can work for 6-8 years?Our inverters and convergence boxes use German 5S technology, using flame retardant materials to ensure the use of safety and 100 % conversion power for people to use. So after this set, we can see that our products are very high -quality and durable.




In fact, the most important point of such large engineering projects is the maintenance and guarantee of the later period. We introduced the exclusive after -sales team of Tanfon to the guests. solve. So the guests purchased the sample and experienced the 20KW system to go to Chad for three months after three months. When our Sales asked why to choose Tanfon, the customer said: Because of the sense of security, the sense of security is a sense of security. Because Tanfon's products have given me a great experience in these three months, I believe I believe that Tanfon can make my project run smoothly. In fact, this success is not uncommon in Tanfon's sales history. We have always adhered to the high -quality route. The good reputation of customers is the reason why Tanfon keeps going.




13 sets of 20kw system for Chad school engineering loading


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