How to install 3kw solar power system in Zimbabwe

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Location :Zimbabwe

Power: 3kw solar power system complete with accessories

Usage : for resales home use

TANFON mission: Make the world away of the expensive electricity

TANFON advantage:German technology, Chinese prices, global service


Why Francis buy SP3KW solar power system from tanfon?

Because Francis know TANFON have customer in Zimbabwe ,and call our customer know the solar system working perfect .

solar power system

Then he send the picture of his roof (is difference with charles),and confirm his roof also can install ;

We help to solve some cable issue with Import Licenses and SI 122,and BV COC.


Tow sets SP3KW solar systems .

About the produce:10days.

About shipment:TANFON company help ship to HARARE port .

solar power system

One of SP3KW solar systems is used to drive :TV, fridge, lights, kitchen appliances, 1 air conditioner, 1 video camera, 4 computers.

And feedback that the system is working fine .

3kw solar power system

Welcome to contact us discuss more solar project ,we are no only sale product for you ,We are Solar solutions provider.

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