Canada installs solar panel system on mountains


Canada 10KW Lithium Battery Solar System


Power: 10KW Solar System
Location: Canada
Use: home use

The picture above is a feedback chart sent by customers from Canada. This is a project in the mountainous area of ​​Canada. Customers purchase this system to power their houses. Unstable and electricity saving, and how to install solar panels in the mountains is also a problem, but Tanfon solves these problems one by one. The customer's demand is to supply the evening power supply in his house in the mountains, and the customer needs to ensure the needs of the customer's heating power at night, so our Sales recommends the 10kW system to him, 220V voltage, and solar boards absorb solar energy to generate electricity during the day and then generate electricity. Then Storage to the battery can ensure the stability of the customer's night consumption at night.


Canada 10KW Lithium Battery Solar System

Regarding the problem of the safety factor and service life of this system of customers who are most concerned about. First of all, about the safety factor, our solar board uses single crystal PERC technology, which can prevent the heat spots and better power generation. The inverters use the flame retardant materials. The device is the MPPT controller. The entire set of systems with IoT can remotely monitor and check the operating status of the system and whether there is a failure, which greatly reduces the cost of manual inspection and reduce the burden on the user. The life of our use of the entire system is ten. In five years, the warranty of solar panels is 25 years. The cost of our entire system is spreading in the actual service life. It is very affordable and practical. Regarding the installation problem is also a problem that customers are worried about. We provide different types of solar brackets to meet the installation needs in different scenarios in different scenarios. We also actively contacted the plan of this customer's mountainous area. The entire after -sales team is a one -to -one service during the completion of the project, and helps customers install the system online to solve the problems raised by customers at any time.


Canada 10kva Lithium Battery Solar System

Lithium battery system

When the after -sales feedback with the customer in the later period, the customer said that the whole system was very smooth, the power generation was sufficient, and the operation was good. It also helped him solve a big problem. And do not cost too much electricity bill. We are also very happy after hearing it, helping customers solve the problem, and allowing customers to realize the happiness brought by solar energy is also the concept of Tanfon's practice.

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