choosing Tanfon is to choose safety

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South Africa 10KW Off Grid Solar Power System


Power: 10 kilowatt
Use: home
Location: South Africa

This picture is a feedback map sent back from a customer from South Africa. The solar system he purchased is a 10 kilowatt OFF GRID home system. The most special point in this cooperation process is that this guest is an engineer. He knows solar systems very well, so he has very strict requirements on technology and product quality. This system not only helps his family power supply, but he is also preparing for his future solar business. This time the purchase is also to test Chinese products. He also mentioned that in the future, he will also have more and longer cooperation with TANFON.



So how do we solve his problem? In fact, after learning about his needs at the beginning, we introduced him to our IoT, what is IoT, and IoT is a promise to ensure a warranty. Long, we can remotely maintain the system, and our warranty with IoT system will be extended by double. The second is our 360 -degree guarantee. Our product uses German 5S technology. It can easily load electrical appliances in the family, double flame retardant protection, and more at ease. Essence After listening to our detailed introduction of our Sales, the client expressed his high approval and recognition of these two guarantees. This is also the main reason why he placed with Tanfon.



Because this customer wants to cooperate with us, we also reveal with him that Tanfon is ready to participate in South Africa in 2023 to show our strength and products to the South Africa market. From this point, customers also feel that we attach great importance to the South Africa market, so Determined to cooperate with Tanfon. The concept that Tanfon has always upheld is to solve the customer's problem and provide customers with safe and reliable solar products. So choosing Tanfon is to choose safety.



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