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Nigerian Government Official Visits TANFON SOLAR

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Nigerian Government Official Visits TANFON SOLAR for Solar Project Inspection


Date: August 28, 2023

In a bid to explore potential collaborations and expand renewable energy initiatives, a high-ranking government official from Nigeria embarked on a visit to the renowned solar manufacturer, TANFON SOLAR, in China. This visit comes in light of the remarkable success achieved by TANFON in a 2MW government project in Chad. The official's primary objective for this trip was to assess TANFON's capabilities for their upcoming 3MW solar project. During the visit, the official had the opportunity to tour TANFON's inverter and solar panel factories and gain insights into the company's cutting-edge technologies.

The official was warmly received by TANFON SOLAR's CEO, Mike, and General Manager, Lily, who hosted the visit and facilitated a productive bilateral meeting. The press conference held after the meeting provided a platform for both parties to share their perspectives and discuss the potential collaboration between TANFON SOLAR and the Nigerian government.


In his opening statement, the Nigerian government official expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and praised TANFON SOLAR's exemplary work in the Chad project. He emphasized the importance of renewable energy in Nigeria's development agenda and highlighted the government's commitment to harnessing solar power to meet the country's growing energy demands.

Nigerian Government Official Visits TANFON SOLAR

TANFON SOLAR's CEO, Mike, reciprocated the appreciation and expressed his enthusiasm for the potential collaboration. He highlighted the company's dedication to providing innovative solar solutions and emphasized TANFON's readiness to contribute to Nigeria's renewable energy sector.

During the bilateral discussions, various topics were covered, including technology transfer, project financing, and capacity building. Both parties expressed their willingness to exchange knowledge and expertise to ensure the successful implementation of the 3MW solar project in Nigeria.

The press conference concluded with a joint commitment from TANFON SOLAR and the Nigerian government to work closely together to advance the development of solar energy in Nigeria. The official expressed his confidence in TANFON SOLAR's capabilities and assured the public that this collaboration would bring significant benefits to Nigeria, such as job creation, energy efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint.


As the press conference drew to a close, TANFON SOLAR's General Manager, Lily, expressed her gratitude for the government official's visit and the opportunity to showcase TANFON's advanced technologies. She reiterated the company's commitment to sustainable development and its resolve to contribute to Nigeria's renewable energy goals.


With this visit and the subsequent discussions, TANFON SOLAR and the Nigerian government have laid the foundation for a promising partnership that aims to drive the widespread adoption of solar energy in Nigeria and foster a greener and more sustainable future for the country.

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