UAE 150KW solar energy storage system Industrial and commercial solar

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In the desert of the United Arab Emirates, there is a hotel where the staff of a Hollywood film company stays during filming. Due to the lack of grid electricity, the hotel can only rely on diesel generators for power supply. However, in order to pursue more environmentally-friendly and stable power supply, a UAE contractor decided to purchase a #150KW solar energy storage and generation system, and chose TANFON Solar as the supplier.


Type: #battery storage off-grid
Solar panel: 550W solar panel
Application: #Industrial and commercial solar energy (hotel)

150KW solar energy storage UAE

This customer is very cautious. He chose TANFON Solar as the supplier of the large-scale solar energy storage and generation system mainly because of our company's honesty, friendliness, and trustworthy commitments. He believes that we can not only provide high-quality solar energy generation systems, but also provide them with sincere service experiences.


After the complete system was installed, the customer was very satisfied and wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness and advantages of the solar energy storage and generation system. So, at night, he made a video of the hotel's electrical load being powered by solar energy, which became a very meaningful commemorative event and showcased the effectiveness and advantages of the solar energy storage and generation system, setting an example for future environmental protection efforts.


As TANFON Solar, we have always been committed to providing customers with the best solar energy storage and generation systems and solutions. The satisfaction and recognition of this customer is also the best proof of our service quality and technical strength. In the future, we will continue to work hard to provide better services and solutions for customers, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.



Industrial and commercial solar energy


Industrial and commercial solar applications

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