Partnering with the Chadian Ministry of Health to Bring Reliable Solar Solutions

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TANFON SOLAR: Partnering with the Chadian Ministry of Health to Bring Reliable Solar Solutions


In 2022, Mr. YOUSIF, the advisor to the Minister of Health of Chad, found TANFON SOLAR on the Internet and decided to choose this high-quality solar energy company as a partner for government project cooperation. He hopes to work with TANFON SOLAR to provide reliable solar solutions for medical facilities in Chad. This project is covering
for 23 provincial hospital 300kwc
100 district hospital 200kwc
69 New District hospital 100kwc
1000 Health Center rural 10kwc
796 Health Center urban 5kwc


On our third trip to Chad, we finally had the opportunity to meet Mr. YOUSIF. He took us to the Chadian Ministry of Health building, which filled us with anticipation. What’s gratifying is that the Minister of Health of Chad is already familiar with the name of TANFON SOLAR, because only two days ago, he accompanied the president to visit the installation site of TANFON SOLAR's 2.5MW solar project and learned about the solar system products produced by TANFON SOLAR .
In the city TINE, I didn’t know the minister yet, but he already knew the TANFON SOLAR team.

At the Ministry of Health, we showed Mr. YOUSIF the achievements we have in hospital projects, including the continuous power supply brought to the hospital by TANFON SOLAR's system, and powering the advanced medical equipment such as Philip CT equipment (the requirements are very high, very pure sine wave electricity needed, and very stable output voltage requested no fluctuation under any circumstances, proudly our solar system can meet the electricity needs of these Japanese equipment). We showed him some project videos to demonstrate the reliability and advantages of TANFON SOLAR systems. Mr. YOUSIF is satisfied with the achievements of our successful cases and appreciates our professional capabilities.

TANFON General Manager Lily and Chadian Minister of Health Mr. YOUSIF

Based on the cooperation consensus between the two parties, we decided to carry out further cooperation discussions on these 1,988-set solar system program. We believe that with the support of the President of Chad, we will be able to work together to bring a better future to the Chadian people. TANFON SOLAR will wholeheartedly provide high-quality solar solutions to the Chadian Ministry of Health to ensure reliable power supply for medical facilities and provide stable support for the provision of medical services.

The cooperation between the Chadian Ministry of Health and TANFON SOLAR will bring revolutionary changes to Chad’s medical facilities. Through reliable solar systems, these medical facilities will no longer be subject to unstable power supply and can continue to operate various medical equipment to provide better medical services to the people of Chad. This will have a positive impact on Chad’s medical industry and society as a whole, promoting Chad’s sustainable development and the well-being of its people.

TANFON SOLAR is proud to be a partner of the Chadian Ministry of Health. We will provide the highest quality products and services with a highly responsible attitude to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. We look forward to working with the Chadian Ministry of Health to bring reliable, sustainable solar solutions to Chadian medical facilities and create a better future for the Chadian people.

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