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20KW off grid solar power system with battery


Harness the power of the radiant sun in Portugal and bring endless clean energy to your home! Introducing our client's residential solar power system, equipped with advanced lithium battery technology.

Our client's residential off grid solar power system stands out with its exceptional performance and eco-friendly features. By harnessing solar energy, it converts sunlight into electricity, providing a sustainable power supply for your home. Not only does it meet your daily electricity needs, but it also creates opportunities for energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

off grid solar panel

By installing our client's residential solar power system, you can enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, it is a renewable energy solution that reduces reliance on limited fossil fuel resources, thus reducing environmental impact. Secondly, the solar power system allows you to become self-sufficient, reducing dependence on the traditional grid, lowering energy costs, and enhancing energy security.

20KW off grid solar power system

At the heart of this system lies the lithium battery, renowned for its efficient energy storage capabilities and long lifespan. It stores excess energy generated during the day and provides continuous power supply during the night or cloudy days, ensuring a stable operation for your household. With its high efficiency charging and discharging capabilities and rapid response time, the lithium battery ensures reliability and flexibility.

Our professional team will customize the best solar power system based on your residential requirements and site conditions. Whether you have a small house or a large villa, we provide tailored solutions that suit your needs. We ensure a smooth installation process and comprehensive after-sales service, allowing you to fully enjoy the convenience and comfort of clean energy.

Portugal 20KW off grid solar power system

Let our client's residential solar power system bring green electricity to your home, infusing it with boundless vitality. Capture the energy of the sun, embrace the power of nature, and step into a sustainable future in Portugal!

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