150KW Off grid On grid Hybrid Lithium Battery System for a Seaside Resort hotel Solar Project

Project Type: Seychelles Seaside Resort hotel Solar Power
Product Type: 150KW Off grid On grid Lithium Battery System


System for a Seaside Resort Solar Project
The provided information pertains to the daily electricity consumption of the client's hotel during different time periods. Although the hotel has a stable grid connection, the electricity costs are relatively high, given the significant daily power consumption. The client is considering installing a 150KW Off grid On grid Hybrid Lithium Battery System to reduce electricity expenses.

The system primarily powers essential loads in the hotel, including air conditioning, refrigeration, laundry facilities, televisions, lighting, and kitchen equipment used in the hotel's restaurant.

The Off grid On grid Hybrid operates as follows: solar panels generate electricity during the day, which is used for immediate consumption. Any excess power is stored in lithium batteries, which can be utilized during evening hours or on cloudy or rainy days to power the hotel. The client does not intend to sell excess electricity but aims to be self-sufficient.


Lithium Battery System for a Seaside Resort Solar Project

For the import of the solar system in Seychelles, English certificates for all components are required. We have assisted the client in obtaining all the necessary certificates to facilitate the import process.

The client's solar panels are installed on the hotel's rooftop. Our team of engineers has provided rooftop installation drawings, 3D visualizations, and system installation diagrams for post-sales support.

The client's system is configured with a 512V/600AH capacity (307.2KWH) lithium battery system, known for its longer lifespan.

Additionally, the client has purchased 16 customized solar water heating systems from us for the resort villas to reduce grid electricity costs.

hotel Solar Power

Solar power system in hotel

150kw hotel Solar Power Project

Solar power system in hotel

Initially, the client considered procuring the system components from local suppliers who could offer after-sales installation support. However, after explaining our services, we offered alternatives: providing a complete set of English installation manuals and remote guidance from our engineers, or dispatching engineers to Seychelles for on-site installation support. The client agreed to our suggestions.

Initially, the client intended to purchase only the lithium batteries from us and source other components from local suppliers. However, to ensure compatibility and avoid potential post-sales issues, we recommended sourcing all the components from a single supplier. This approach enables comprehensive compatibility testing of the entire solar system before shipment. After presenting the quotation, the client compared our proposal, service, and the local supplier and ultimately decided to purchase the complete system from us. They also expressed their intent to collaborate with us on future projects.

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