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TANFON 5KW Grid-Connected Solar Power System In The United States

0 admin 2021-06-10 10:21:28

TANFON 5KW Grid-Connected Solar Power System In The United States


Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid economic contraction, 2021 is still a record year for renewable energy in the United States, with the country’s new solar and wind power generation capacity reaching 33.6 GW.


According to the report, solar power generation increased by 16.5 GW, a record high on the basis of 2016. while wind power generation increased by 17.1 GW, ushering in the strongest year in history. The report further pointed out that utility-scale solar + energy storage projects are becoming increasingly popular across the country.


2021 is an eventful year, and it is also a year when renewable energy construction shines. During this year, the US energy decarbonization process has accelerated, and the benefits of decarbonization will be apparent in the next few years."

Power: 5kw

Location: United States

Use: home use

Type: On grid solar system


Therefore,the customer from US just installed our solar system 5kw on and off grid solar system

And give us feedback very well

On and off grid system working module is daytime use solar power from panels

Nighttime use battery ,if there is more power from solar panels ,then can send power to country

This on and off grid inverter is very hot sale in US ,so if you are interest in it

Just contact our company tanfon to ask more details

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